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Exhibition of Arts and Crafts
art Saturday 24th November: from 10.30 am to 4 pm., in the Church Hall

This will take place on Saturday, November 24th in the church hall. This will be our second exhibition of arts and crafts to showcase the skills and talents of local residents and their friends. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to 'older stories' to see some images from last year's Arts & Crafts Fair.
Come and browse for Christmas gifts and unique crafts and works of art. Refreshments and light lunches available. Free Entry. Download Arts & Crafts Exhibition Poster
River Dipping in Kingsmead Field
dipping Twenty children and their families took part in a very successful river dipping activity in Kingsmead Field on Saturday 29th September. The event was led by Lauren Baker, 'Our Stour' officer (below left) who supplied essential equipment and helped children to identify the creatures that they caught. The children used magnifying lenses to examine their catches which included water shrimps, a variety of snails and a Greater Water Boatman beetle (shown in the picture below right) before tipping them back into the river. Thanks to the Friends of Kingsmead Field who helped to advertise and organize the event, which was so successful that we hope to repeat it in the Spring.
Open Gardens Day 2018

tomatoes The Residents’ Association held its very successful second Open Gardens Day on June 24th when fourteen members’ gardens were open to visitors. It was a gloriously hot day and having tea and cake in Jenny’s garden rounded off a memorable afternoon. Quite apart from the beauty of the gardens, there was wine tasting and the opportunity to talk to passionate gardeners about plants, shrubs and topiary. A magnificent yurt in one garden transported visitors to the exotic East and there was a pirate ship in a tree, a bar in another garden, a suspected haha, one garden where the owner had labelled shrubs and flowers, a tranquility garden, a secret walled garden and many other intriguing glimpses into areas that we never normally have the chance to explore.

Thanks are due to the generosity of those who opened their gardens and to our visitors. We raised £675 which we shared between the League of Friends of Kent and Canterbury Hospital, the Pilgrims’ Hospice and the Samaritans. Below you can see a selection of images from the day.

open gardens 2018
Visit to Bus Company Island
What is Bus Company Island ?
For those of you who don’t know, it is a piece of land situated between The Causeway and Kingsmead School Field, and the two rivers. The only permanent access is via the bridge behind Dennes Mill retirement flats. The reason for the unusual name is that it was once owned by the local East Kent Bus Company and was purchased from them by the City Council some years ago, to be kept as a nature reserve. There is a pond containing great-crested newts, but it also provides a habitat for reptiles such as grass snakes and slow worms.

When the council first acquired the site, there was a great deal of interest, both by the council’s environmental department and the Residents’ Association. The council was responsible for maintenance, while the RA planted wild flowers etc. Unfortunately, council cuts have meant that they no longer provide maintenance which is now carried out by a group of volunteers from Friends of the River Stour who cut back the vegetation twice a year. The RA is still involved as we have two members who are key holders and who carry out regular checks for vandalism and damage. We recently had our members’ visit after the Friends of the Riverside completed their spring maintenance work, below you can see some pictures taken during our visit.
bus company island