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Gardening Interest Group event
tomatoes Saturday 19th May 10.30am to 12.00 noon

There will be a Gardening Interest Group event on Saturday 19th May 10.30am to 12.00 noon in Jenny Robson's garden at 118 St Stephen's Road.
This is a Plant Swop or make a small donation for a plant, (very small donation).
If you have any spare or unwanted plants please bring them along. They will be rescued by your neighbours. Tea, coffee and cake will also be available.
Just come along for a gardening chat and exchange ideas. Also, if anyone can identify the species of newts living in the garden pond that would be a bonus!

More information on our dedicated Gardening Group page.

Jenny Robson and Sue Herivel look forward to seeing you.
Exhibition of Arts and Crafts
Saturday 24th November: from 11 am to 5 pm., in the Church Hall
There was an error in the newsletter regarding the date of the Craft Fair which will in fact take place on Saturday, November 24th in the church hall. This will be our second exhibition of arts and crafts to showcase the skills and talents of local residents and their friends.
Visit to Bus Company Island
What is Bus Company Island ?
For those of you who don’t know, it is a piece of land situated between The Causeway and Kingsmead School Field, and the two rivers. The only permanent access is via the bridge behind Dennes Mill retirement flats. The reason for the unusual name is that it was once owned by the local East Kent Bus Company and was purchased from them by the City Council some years ago, to be kept as a nature reserve. There is a pond containing great-crested newts, but it also provides a habitat for reptiles such as grass snakes and slow worms.

When the council first acquired the site, there was a great deal of interest, both by the council’s environmental department and the Residents’ Association. The council was responsible for maintenance, while the RA planted wild flowers etc. Unfortunately, council cuts have meant that they no longer provide maintenance which is now carried out by a group of volunteers from Friends of the River Stour who cut back the vegetation twice a year. The RA is still involved as we have two members who are key holders and who carry out regular checks for vandalism and damage. We recently had our members’ visit after the Friends of the Riverside completed their spring maintenance work, below you can see some pictures taken during our visit.
bus company island
St.Stephen's in the Snow

The snowy weather earlier in the year did not deter some residents from getting out with their cameras and taking some photographs of the area blanketed in a layer of the white stuff, occasionally looking even more beautiful thanks to a clear blue sky.
Thanks to all those who submitted their handiwork!