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Welcome to St.Stephen's. This is a lovely place to live, to come home to after a day's work, to enjoy retirement or to bring up children. Many local people have lived here all their lives and many others for forty years or more but the community continues to thrive as there are always new families moving into the area.
There is a strong sense of community although there have been many changes in the last twenty years with numerous houses sold as buy-to-let properties which are occupied by students from the University, but that just makes life more lively and interesting . . . .
There are many local societies and activities to appeal to every age group as well as ample opportunities to keep fit in local gyms, halls and swimming pools. We have two excellent local shops and are lucky to have a Post Office and a pharmacy nearby as well as supermarkets and DIY stores less than a mile away.
There are excellent and very popular infant and junior schools, nurseries and playgroups in the central area of St.Stephen's and an outstanding Church of England secondary school on St.Stephen's Hill.
On this website, we hope you will find lots of information about St.Stephen's that will help you to become part of community life. Both the Residents' Association and Neighbourhood Watch scheme may be reached through the contact page on this website.
Finally, the committee of the Residents' Association welcome you to this historic part of the ancient City of Canterbury and hope that you will be very happy here.
St Stephen’s Residents’ Association and Covid 19
When disaster strikes, it’s a comfort to know that help is available but how to help when social distancing, isolation, shielding and staying at home are the watchwords ? This was the dilemma when the government announced the lockdown in March.

Our situation was probably better than most as we have an organised and effective communication system that has kept us in touch with each other for a number of years. We have the email addresses of 247 households and thus could disseminate information quickly and make plans to assist members in need.
First, we assembled a list of volunteers who were prepared to shop, collect medication, deliver items, walk dogs and make phone calls. What has happened is that families have ‘adopted’ individuals and couples who cannot leave their homes, and other members ask for assistance with a range of one-off problems.
There has been a great deal of information from the City council, Kent County Council, the Canterbury Society and the government which is sent out regularly, as well as opening times for shops, news about dental services, virtual tours of galleries, local home deliveries and many emails about scams associated with Covid 19. The criminal fraternity thinks of the virus as an opportunity ......
As members have the time, spring cleaning has made all sorts of items available for sharing so we have seen seen a plethora of jigsaw puzzles and books whizzing around the neighbourhood, collected and delivered by volunteers - and - a Warhammer book collection!
One of our members has been making scrubs for NHS workers and members have donated a quantity of fabric for Jacob to sew. He has also recruited members to cut out patterns for the scrubs. His venture now included face masks and again, he has workers cutting out and ironing material, ready for sewing. It’s good to know that we are making even a small difference.
In spite of the difficulties, many members celebrated V E Day, some with music and a shared buffet, all with a glass or a cup of tea, and goodwill. Photos of the bunting and the celebrants can be found on the ‘News’ page.

What does the Residents' Association do?

Our role in the St.Stephen's Residents' Association is to act as the voice for people in the St Stephens district of Canterbury with regard to matters that concern our community. We aim to improve the local environment through liaison with district and county councillors, promote community cohesion and represent our community via work in partnership with other residents' associations and organisations in the Canterbury district to address joint issues.

On the behalf of the Residents' Association, members of the committee respond to public consultations and here are a number of recent documents submitted to the City Council.
Neighbourhood Watch
neighbourhood watchNeighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention schemes ever. It is based on simple ideas and values shared by many people around the country - of getting together with neighbours to minimise local crime and disorder and to make one's own neighbourhood a safer and better place to live.
There are other benefits of joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. For example, you can find out more about crime prevention and home security and often get a discount on your home insurance.
The Residents' Association has Neighbourhood Watch schemes in The Crescent, Moorfield, Orchard Close, Manwood Avenue, Hales Drive, The Terrace, St.Stephen's Road, Hill and Court, Hackington Close, Tyler Close and Wacher Close. Please use the form on our contact page if you would like more information or would like leaflets on crime prevention.
Special Edition Neighbourhood Watch Our News
Neighbourhood Watch Watching Brief *NEW*
Welcome to Students
This is a very popular area for student rentals as we are so close to the University of Kent and on a good bus route to Christ Church University. We welcome everyone to St.Stephen's and hope that students will be part of our community life.
We would ask you to be aware that :
Students are prime targets for burglars and opportunistic thieves, so have a look at for advice on how to protect your property or contact your Neighbour Watch coordinator via our contact page.
Your neighbours may have young children who need to have a quiet environment to sleep soundly.
Loud noise at night really upsets people who have to go to work in the morning.
Putting your rubbish and recycling out on the right day keeps your street looking attractive and your neighbours happy.
If you are having a party, do have it at the weekend and please keep the noise level down after midnight - and remember that being in the garden means noise travels even further. It is much better to park your car on the drive of your property and even better not to have a car here and use the brilliant bus service to the university.
Please introduce yourself to your neighbours and they will be able to help you settle in and even keep an eye on your property when you are out, take a parcel in or sign for a delivery.
This is your home and we hope you will use the shops and amenities in the area and that you will be very happy here.
The St.Stephen's Resident's Association produces and distributes regular newsletters of events and items of interest.
Please follow the link below to see our latest copy, for Autumn 2022, now in full colour!
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